Hair and Scalp

Products for the hair and delicate skin on the scalp

Whether long or short, curly or straight, hair is the crowning glory for millions of men and women across the country, so it important to keep it as healthy as possible.

Made from a protein called Keratin, every strand of hair is incredibly strong and elastic but poor health, exposure to chemicals, frequent colouring and very high temperatures can cause the hair to become weak and prone to breakage. In some cases, this results in minor changes in the hair such as split ends or dryness and frizz, but in more extreme cases it can lead to thinning hair and hair loss, which can be incredibly stressful for sufferers.

To minimise and prevent as much damage to the hair as possible, our selection of follicle-stimulating shampoos, nourishing conditioners and strengthening serums, promise to care for all hair types from the root to the very tip. Using essential ingredients like Biotin, Panthenol, B Vitamins and, of course, Proteins, these products from industry leaders like Viviscal, RevitaLash, Cliniccare and Amalian help to keep every hair on your head strong and supple, so that your locks remain thick and luscious for longer.

And it’s not just your hair these products take care of. Sore, easily irritated and itchy scalps are also treated, ensuring the best growth environment for the hairs on your head. With around 120,000 strands of hair on an average head, this makes maintaining good scalp health incredibly important.

Along with topical solutions, we also have a range of supplements to help combat hair loss and hair weakening from the inside.