Hand Care

Skin care products for the hands

Your hands are subjected to a lot of damaging factors on a daily basis and need plenty of care in order to keep them soft, smooth and supple.

They can become dry and sore very quickly, especially during the colder months and are one of the prime locations for conditions such as eczema and contact dermatitis. A good hand cream will help to reduce these symptoms and will also keep the skin hydrated.

Rich textures will give your hands a lot of moisture but they need to be easily absorbed by the skin so that there is no slippery or sticky residue left behind once it has been applied.

If you have particularly dry hands you can apply a hand cream throughout the day to keep them soft and prevent painful skin cracking. For an even more intensive treatment, apply a thick amount to the hands and cover them with cotton gloves before bed. These will seal in the hand cream and it will act like a moisturising mask while you sleep.