Skin care and beauty products for the lips

The skin on your lips is incredibly delicate and thin which makes them prone to damage from the sun and environment. In order to keep them healthy it is important that you exfoliate, hydrate and protect them on a regular basis.

Dry, cracked skin on and around the lips is more common during the Winter (as there is less moisture in the air) and with age, as the body can’t retain moisture as well as it used to. To replenish dehydrated skin and add a natural shine, always keep a moisturising lip balm on hand that you can apply it to the lips throughout the day.

Another way to prevent your lips from drying out is to use a lip product that contains an SPF, as your lips are prone to sun burn and UV-induced dehydration.

If your lips are lacking in volume then a pout plumping treatment can help. Using peptides and Hyaluronic Acid, your lips are hydrated and conditioned so that they temporarily swell for a fuller appearance. These types of products are great for mature and menopausal skins as the lips naturally lose volume around this time. A lipgloss is another way to create the look of a fuller pout as the formula leaves a shiny finish on the lips which reflects the light and tricks the eye into thinking that your lips are bigger than they are.