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NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12%

NIOD Photography Fluid Opacity 12%, 30ml, £20.00

Used by Danielle Hadley

Skin Type: Oily/Blemish-Prone

4491_Photography_fluidPromising to create a flawless, HD-ready complexion without the need for make-up, this innovative fluid has got everyone from bloggers to beauty editors raving about its abilities but does it really make that much of a difference to the skin?

“Even though my skin is oily it can often look flat and a little dull so I liked the idea of this product as soon as I heard about it. The consistency is incredibly thin and runny and a little goes a long way but it is also really light so I can use it either underneath or on top of my foundation.

The yellow colour has a slight shimmer to it but once it has been blended onto the skin it suddenly disappears to leave behind a smooth, healthy glow that you would never know is artificial. I have to admit, looking in the mirror in natural light doesn’t reveal much of a sheen but if you have a picture taken then this ‘filter’ really shows up. My skin looks healthy, radiant, smooth and even in tone, whatever base I apply over the top. It really is amazing!

It is also quite hydrating without being greasy and helps my foundation to stay on much longer which is great for long days or nights out. I really can’t recommend it enough and the affordable price makes it even more impressive. I can’t imagine my make-up routine without it!”

Effortless Skin rating: 5/5

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