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What Is The Difference Between Manual and Chemical Exfoliation?

Manual exfoliation combines friction with physical scrubbing agents such as grains, beads and crystals to buff away dead cells. By massaging these particles into the surface of the skin, any unwanted debris is quickly lifted away. The results of manual exfoliation tend to vary but it can help to smooth uneven texture and boost skin’s glow but avoid manual scrubs that contain uneven or sharp particles as these can cause tears in the epidermal layer which can lead to irritation and infection.

Chemical exfoliation involves the application of enzymes or acids to the skin which dissolve the bonds holding dead cells onto the surface before removing them completely. While this method of exfoliation won’t tear or scratch the skin it can make it red and more sensitive to UV rays. For the best results, be sure to use a product that isn’t too highly concentrated, especially if you are new to this style of exfoliation.