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Meet Cosmeceutical Pioneers Cosmedix

Thanks to specialist formulations, Cosmedix have done the unthinkable and combined pure, natural botanical extracts with clinical-level actives in topical solutions that are effective yet non-irritating for the skin.

They use super clean ingredients in high concentrations to deliver transformative results for all skin types, tones and ages. Their entire range is based around four key pillars that they believe will guarantee good skin health: smarter exfoliation, better botanical ingredients, skin matrix support and continued Chiral Correction for superior product performance. They also formulate all their products without the inclusion of harsh acids, artificial dyes, fragrances, petrolatum or parabens, instead sticking to plant-based antioxidants, peptides and mild AHAs.

If you want to see what all the world’s best dermatologists have been raving about for years, try Cosmedix, here.