Facial Peels

Intensive exfoliating treatments

Don’t be put off by the word peel, they are simple a more effective exfoliator designed to remove dead skin cells. Most skin peels are performed in a clinic by an aesthetic professional but many of our top cosmeceutical brands offer an at-home version for people who want something more intensive than a regular facial scrub.

Our selection of home use skin peels feature ones for the face, lips and even the feet, as these are the most common areas that become dry and uneven in texture.

They mainly contain AHAs like Glycolic Acid or fruit enzymes to loosen and remove damaged or dead cells from the surface of the skin so that new, healthy ones can take their place. This leaves the skin feeling softer and smoother while also looking brighter and more youthful.

Each of our peels are easy to use at home and have very little down time, meaning you can perform one at the weekend and have radiant, healthy skin come Monday morning. As a peel is a little more intensive than a physical exfoliator, you don’t need to perform them every week as this could make the skin sensitive. Start off doing them once a month until your skin gets used to the process and the ingredients then you can gradually increase how often you do them, particularly if you have problematic skin.

As chemical peels can leave the skin more sensitive to sun exposure, make sure that you use a high SPF sunscreen for the initial days following your treatment before returning to your usual daily SPF. Our selection includes must-have peels from Mene & Moy, Theraderm and Teosyal.

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