Lip Liner

Products to define and shape the lips

Lip liners are a make-up essential if you want to create a polished, long-lasting lip look. Essentially a lip correction tool, they allow you to cheat the size and shape of your pout without the use of injectable fillers.

The drying, chalky formulas of old have been replaced by hydrating ingredients and essential antioxidants to keep the lips happy and healthy. Create a perfectly defined pout by softly tracing the outer shape of the lips or overdraw them slightly to make them appear fuller.

To make your lip colour last longer, fill in the entire lip area with liner (use the side of the pencil instead of the tip for this) and blot with a tissue. This will give your lipstick something to hold onto and will also prevent it from bleeding or feathering into any fine lines around the mouth. If you are pushed for time, a lip liner works really well as a replacement for lipstick, giving you opaque colour and long-lasting wear so you won’t have to keep touching it up throughout the day.

When choosing your perfect lip liner shade, you can either go for one to match your favourite lipstick for a seamless finish or choose a neutral shade that looks like your lips but better which can be worn alone or underneath any lip colour.

Our selection of mineral based lip liners from Susan Posnick and gloMinerals are smooth and luxurious on the lips, never dragging or pulling this delicate skin. Our picks cover all make-up tastes, from the neutral and understated to the vibrant and glamourous.

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