Primers and Setting Products

Enhance the appearance of any foundation

To create a long lasting make-up look you need to use a combination of priming and finishing products.

Face primers work by preparing the skin and creating a smooth base so that your make-up goes on more evenly, doesn’t sink into any fine lines or large pores and has something to hold onto preventing it from disappearing throughout the day. Most primers tend to be silicone based as these smooth over imperfections and create a light barrier over the skin to fake a smooth, even complexion.

We also have additional priming products to help enhance other aspects of your make-up routine. Try the gloMinerals Lid Primer to ensure your eyeshadow stays in place all day and to make your lashes look thicker, apply a coat of the RevitaLash Volumizing Primer which is great for sparse and ageing eyelashes.

Finishing products like face powders and setting sprays are applied after you have finished your make-up look and seal everything in, preventing your beauty products from being dissolved by sweat, oil and moisture in the air throughout the day.

Our setting powders are available in two formulas; translucent so that they are undetectable, suiting all skin tones and tinted which give a little extra coverage and colour correction to help more problematic skins look flawless. Setting sprays however are spritzed over the face and contain agents to prevent your make-up moving or transferring throughout the day. These are perfect if you have oily skin, work long hours or need your make-up to last during a night out.

Our selection of primers and finishing products include picks from ColoreScience, gloMinerals and Vitage® Colour Minerals.