Concealers and correctors

Products to hide imperfections

Cover up blemishes, hide flaws and disguise redness with our selection of concealers and correctors. You can either hide your imperfections with a concealing product or you can neutralise dark areas and pigmentation with a corrector.

If you prefer concealer, you need to make sure it is an exact match to your skin tone, especially when covering blemishes or scars. It needs to completely blend to successfully hide the problem area and the concealer consistency needs to be matte. Light-reflective concealers work better on under eye circles as they brighten up darkness as they conceal. Some of our concealing products also contain added skin-loving ingredients to heal the skin and reduce the size of blemishes so that they can improve the condition of your skin while you wear them.

Correctors work differently, using contrasting colours to neutralise the imperfection and work well both on their own or paired with a concealer. Green correctors will disguise redness and blemishes, peach will cancel out under dark circles and bruises while purple will brighten dull skin. Some correcting products may need a skin coloured concealer over the top also but using them together means a more natural finish on the skin.

We have also included the best make-up brushes so that you can apply your concealer or corrector properly. These brushes work well whether you want to disguise a large or small area of the skin, anywhere on the face and body.

Our selection includes a number of skin perfecting concealers and correctors from top cosmeceutical and mineral make up brands like gloMinerals, Coverblend and Lycogel.