Bronzers and Highlighters

Sculpt and define the face

Never underestimate the power of make-up as the right products can create a more defined facial structure and give you naturally glowing skin. If you want chiselled cheekbones, want to make your nose look smaller or disguise a double chin then bronzer is your best friend.

A matte bronzer is not just great for adding definition but can be used all over the face and body to create a more sun kissed complexion. If bronzing up your face, don’t forget to bronze your neck and chest too for a seamless colour. Alternatively shimmering bronzers work well to add warmth and glow in one, but these don’t work as a contour due to the light-reflective finish.

To make your skin glow and create the look of younger skin, add a highlighting powder or liquid to the high points of the face, like the tops of the cheekbones and underneath the brow bone. A shimmering product like this will catch the light and instantly lift these areas of the face while also adding a healthy radiance that transforms dull, lacklustre skin.

When choosing your products, stick to a bronzer that is no more than two shades darker than your skin tone to create a natural shadow. Highlighting products come in various undertones so look for ones that contain either a gold shimmer for dark skins or a pink, champagne shimmer for light skins so that it complements your skin tone perfectly.

Our picks from gloMinerals, Vitage® Colour Minerals and PRIORI® have a range of shades and finishes so you can find a bronzer or highlighter to suit your needs and your skin tone.