Products to give skin a golden glow

Instead of baking the skin in the sun to achieve a deep bronze skin tone, self-tanning products fake that healthy sun-kissed colour without damaged the skin’s health.

Whether you prefer a light, undetectable tan or a deep, dark, post-holiday tan, topical self-tanners are the easiest way to achieve your perfect golden glow. Our selection of self-tan products and accessories includes some of the best fool-proof formulas that work for both first-time tanners and self-tan experts. Whether you prefer a mousse, a lotion, a gel or spray-on mist, we have a self-tan product for you. We also have a range of gradual tanners and self-tan drops, which can be mixed with your usual skin care products to create a customisable golden glow day after day.

When using any fake tan product, ensure you use the best tools possible to achieve a smooth and streak-free finish, remember to wash your hands afterwards and don’t forget to apply an SPF to keep your skin protected during the day, as self-tan won’t provide any UV protection.