Facial Oils

Products to nourish and plump the skin

Years ago the thought of regularly covering your skin in oil was regarded as a disaster for your complexion, with only spa therapists and facialists choosing to use oils on their clients during a treatment.

Nowadays, extensive research has revealed that facial oils are in fact one of the most beneficial topical products in modern regimes and can provide positive results for all skin types. Massaged into skin as the last step in your routine, this new generation of facial oils help to repair the skin’s lipid barrier to prevent moisture loss and the intake of bacteria during the day which can help minimise everything from dry patches to inflammation.

As they are similar in composition to lipids, facial oils can easily pass through the epidermal layer to nourish and plump prematurely ageing skin where it really matters, creating a smoother and more radiant texture at the surface. They also work their magic on oily and problematic complexions too. Facial oils have been shown to balance the sebum levels within the skin, helping to curb excessive production and contribute to a reduction in blocked pores and blemishes.

Facial oils can also be added to existing day or night creams to enhance their complexion-softening properties and can even be applied after harsh Retinol or AHA-infused treatments in the evening to dilute these ingredients and therefore prevent unnecessary skin irritation.

So why not add a facial oil into your routine? Check out our selection from Skyn ICELAND, Phytomer, VERSO, Avene and Medik8.