Joanna Vargas Magic Glow Wand

Magic Glow Wand, heats, cools and massages the skin to enhance the effects of skincare.

  • Purple - Anti Aging
  • New Products
  • Lightweight, rechargeable device
  • Perfect size for travelling
  • Enhances the effects of skin care
  • Can heat, cool and massage the skin

Inspired by Joanna’s coveted lymphatic spa treatments, the new Joanna Vargas Magic Glow Wand is the expert way to maintain a radiant complexion.

This on-the-go USB powered device can target multiple skin concerns in an instant, from dullness and large pores to inflammation and puffiness. This one-touch tool uses targeted temperature and massage settings to enhance the effect of any product used alongside it. Hot Mode deep cleanses the skin and eliminates build-up, Hot + Massage Mode enhances the absorption of serums and creams, Cool Mode soothes the skin, and Cool + Massage Mode minimises puffiness and firms the skin. The special Massage Mode mimics natural lymphatic drainage to help carry toxins away from the skin and push active ingredients into the deeper layers where they can work their magic more effectively. In just a matter of minutes, skin’s inner glow is restored and skin feels refreshed.

Suitable for all skin types, use this product daily after applying a serum or mask. Choose the correct setting for skin’s needs and apply to the targeted area for three minutes. Repeat if necessary.

After cleansing, apply a serum or mask to the face. Press the power button and choose the best setting for your skin and apply to the targeted area for 2-3 minutes ,or longer if preferred. Remove the device and clean with a soft cloth or cotton pad after use. Can be used daily.

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