Skincity Essentials The Face Roller

The Face Roller, improves skin's glow and reduces puffiness.

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The Face Roller
The Face Roller
The Face Roller
  • Face and Body
  • Purple - We Love
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Reduces puffiness and slackness
  • Can be used on the face and body
  • Suitable for all skin types

Target puffiness, loss of elasticity and dullness with the new Skincity Essentials The Face Roller.

This stylish black hexagonal device features 24 Tourmaline stones that help to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage to deflate puffiness, awaken skin’s natural radiance and train the muscles to maintain a smooth, lifted appearance. Easy to use at home and on the go, this face roller doesn’t require batteries to work and is the perfect addition to any at home spa routine, plus it can be used on the body to ease tightness and relieve tension.

Suitable for all skin types, except those with rosacea or active acne, gentle roll the device over clean dry skin daily.

Use on clean dry skin. Roll over the forehead from side to side, then continue over the cheeks from the nose out towards the ears. Roll over the jawbone from the centre of the chin to the ear. Can also be used on the body by rolling under the arms, over the neck, shoulders and chest muscles, and over the calves.

Do not use the device if you have a pacemaker or other electronic implants, are allergic to metals, suffer from epilepsy or cancer, are pregnant or have inflammatory acne or sores/injuries.

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