Dr. Barbara Sturm Body Brush - Medium

Body Brush - Medium, helps combat dry skin and cellulite.

Alternate Views:
Body Brush - Medium
Body Brush - Medium
  • Purple - Improves Skin Tone
  • Purple - Perfect For Dry Skin
  • Helps to combat cellulite
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Can be used on dry skin or in the shower
  • Suitable for all skin types

Renew and transform the skin on the body with the Body Brush Medium from Dr. Barbara Sturm.

This luxurious, easy to store brush comes in two densities, soft and medium, so there is the perfect brush for all skin needs. Perfect for dry skin body brushing or in the shower, this brush works to improve skin texture, tone and tightness while aiding blood circulation to reduce the signs of cellulite. The more abrasive texture of the bristles also helps to remove toxins and dead cells, all without scratching or damaging the delicate lipid barrier.

Suitable for all skin types, use all over the body on dry skin or in the shower daily or as and when required.

Start at the feet and brush upwards with slow clockwise strokes towards the heart.

Legs – work from the front and back of the right foot towards the thigh and then over the bottom.

Arms – begin with the right hand and move onto each forearm to reach the lower and upper arm.

Stomach – massage the stomach by starting on the bottom right side and working upwards towards the ribs.

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