Skinade Anti-Aging Collagen Drink Sachets - 10 Day Course

Anti-Aging Collagen Drink Sachets - 10 Day Course, .

  • Purple - We Love
  • Collagen-infused supplement
  • Perfect for travelling
  • Firms and hydrates the skin
  • 10 Day Course, Just mix with water

Maintain smoother, more youthful looking skin on holiday with the Skinade Anti-Aging Collagen Drink Sachets.

Featuring the same high quality combination of ingredients as the original drink but in gel form, this everyday collagen supplement is perfect for travelling. A blend of hydrolysed collagen, essential fatty acids and Vitamin C, maintain a youthful production of collagen and Hyaluronic Acid to effectively firm, hydrate, brighten and perfect the skin from the inside.

Suitable for all skin types, mix one sachet with half a glass of cold water and drink every morning before or with breakfast.

10 Day Course.

For the best results, mix the contents of one sachet with half a glass of cold water and drink every morning before or with breakfast.

We would advise avoiding caffeine for an hour before and after drinking Skinade as caffeine can prevent the micro-nutrients and collagen from being absorbed properly. Not suitable for children and vegans. Contains no artificial flavours or colourings. If you are pregnant or currently taking other medication, please seek your GPs advice before purchasing Skinade.

Please note: You may experience a mild detoxifying effect for one or two days when you start drinking the formula. This is often seen as mild reddening and/or tingling of the skin that can last up to 60 minutes. This is completely normal and not a sign of an allergic reaction however if these symptoms continue, stop using immediately. Taking Skinade after food minimises this effect or you can sip the drink over the course of the day.

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