Teoxane Advanced Filler - 50ml

Advanced Filler - 50ml, restructures the skin & reduces wrinkles.

  • Purple - Perfect For Dry Skin
Teosyal Advanced Filler Dry - 50ml
Advanced Filler - 50ml - Dry
Teosyal Advanced Filler Dry - 50ml
Advanced Filler - 50ml - Normal

Teoxane (formerly Teosyal) Advanced Filler is a powerful anti-wrinkle, anti-aging skincare treatment based on an exclusive combination of innovative active ingredients including Hyaluronic Acid. These work in synergy to restructure the skin to act on the depth and volume of wrinkles, while protecting cell DNA, from free radical damage. This unique treatment, inspired by dermatological procedures, (immediate resurfacing effect and filling action) significantly reduces the depth of wrinkles.

The skin is intensely regenerated thanks to optimum moisturising (more than 30%) of the upper layers of skin.

Available in Dry and Normal


  • Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres provide a hydrating and filling dual action
  • Hydration: forms a moisturising film on the surface of the skin to intensively hydrate and prevent water loss
  • Filling: the dehydrated molecules of low molecular weight enter the upper levels of the epidermis, filling and hydrating the skin.
  • Matrikines (Bio-Peptides) - have a powerful anti-wrinkling effect. Act in synergy with Hyaluronic Acid to smooth the wrinkle.
  • Argireline, a hexapeptide - reduces superficial facial wrinkles caused by muscular contractions (forehead, crow's feet).
  • Vitamin C encapsulated- with its protective and powerful anti-oxidative properties preserve the Hyaluronic Acid integrity

Apply Advanced Filler in the morning and evening on perfectly clean, dry skin. The airless bottle preserves the intrinsic qualities of the formula and ensures perfect hygiene. Advanced Filler is designed for daily use and can also be used between two injection sessions. Its soft texture gives a pleasant, comfortable feeling.

Patch Test

If you are new to this product or any of its ingredients, we recommend completing a patch test first.

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