BABOR ReVersive Anti-Aging Eye Cream - 15ml

ReVersive Anti-Aging Eye Cream - 15ml, smoothes and firms the skin around the eyes.

  • Purple - Targets Fine Lines
  • Purple - Boosts Collagen
  • Smoothes, hydrates and firms
  • Makes the eye area appear brighter
  • Prevents collagen breakdown
  • Can be used once or twice a day

Create a more youthful and well-rested eye area with the ReVersive Anti-Aging Eye Cream from BABOR.

Formulated with key active ingredients Telovitin, Agicyl, Epocyl und Lumicol, this rejuvenating eye cream works to prevent the breakdown of collagen within the skin while limiting daily oxidative damage. This helps to rebuild and strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes, gradually minimising the appearance of fine lines and dullness that can make the face look tired.

Suitable for all skin types, pat a small amount into clean dry skin around the eyes once or twice a day after cleansing. Can also be used as a weekly eye mask treatment.

Apply a small amount to clean dry skin around the eyes using patting motions. Can be used once or twice a day. For a more intensive treatment, apply a thick layer to the eye area and leave for 15 minutes before patting in any excess product. Can be used twice a week in this way.

Patch Test

If you are new to this product or any of its ingredients, we recommend completing a patch test first.

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