Hourglass Brush No.8 Large Concealer

Brush No.8 Large Concealer, applies concealer seamlessly to the skin.

  • Works with creams, liquids and powders
  • Made with synthetic bristles
  • Hides imperfections and redness
  • Has a weighted metal handle

Hide imperfections and redness with the Brush No.8 Large Concealer from Hourglass.

Designed to apply concealer to larger areas of the face thanks to its firm, tapered shape and super-soft synthetic bristles, this brush can be used to apply cream, liquid and powder formulas to the skin. The weighted metal handle ensures complete control during the application of concealer while the high-quality hygienic bristles make the perfect alternative to animal hair.

Suitable for all skin types, use this brush to apply concealer to the skin.

Use this brush to apply and blend concealer into the skin.

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