Skincity Essentials The Facial Pad - 80 pieces

The Facial Pad - 80 pieces, applies essences and toners like a skin therapist.

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  • To be used with serums, toners and essences
  • Created by skin therapists
  • Lint-free and non-scratchy
  • Soft, easy to use and flexible

Designed by skin therapists to work with active serums, essences and toners, new The Facial Pads from Skincity Essentials are here to enhance any existing skin care routine.

These soft square cleansing pads are made from Cellulose Fibres and Rayon to ensure they feel gentle and flexible on the skin. They have been created to absorb minimal amounts of liquid, meaning any solution applied to them penetrates the skin more effectively instead of being soaked up by the pad, making them more effective than a cotton pad. Ideal for applying toners and essences, these pads can also be used as under-eye masks to cool, calm and hydrate the skin.

Suitable for all skin types, apply a generous amount of a serum, toner or essence to one pad and gently press or wipe it over the skin. Repeat if necessary. Can be used daily.

Soak one pad in a toner, serum or essence and press or wipe over the skin after cleansing. Can also be pressed onto the under-eye area and left for a few moments, acting as an eye mask. It can also be used with nail polish remover to remove polish from the fingernails.

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