SENSAI Cellular Performance Treatment Gloves

Cellular Performance Treatment Gloves, improves the penetration of hand creams and serums.

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  • Super-soft and flexible
  • Perfect for winter
  • Works with any hand cream
  • One size fits all

Transform hands from dry and rough into soft and touchable with the Cellular Performance Treatment Gloves from SENSAI.

Hands that suffer from dryness, chapping, poor circulation or exposure to harsh chemicals and substances can become sore and damaged if left untreated. Specially-designed ceramic threads are woven into each pair of gloves to help intensify the results of any hand cream or serum used alongside them. By wearing the gloves, the ingredients in any hand treatment can effectively and deeply penetrate the skin without interruption, ensuring better and more noticeable results every time.

Suitable for all skin types, apply a generous amount of hand cream before putting on the gloves. Leave for around 30 minutes or keep on overnight for best results.

Place over the hands after applying a generous amount of hand cream. Keep on for around 30 minutes or wear overnight for best results. Can be used as and when required.

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