Leegeehaam Tea Tree Soothing Mask - 27ml

Tea Tree Soothing Mask - 27ml, calms and balances stressed skin.

Tea Tree Soothing Mask - 27ml
  • Purple - Hydrating Formula
  • Purple - Anti Inflammatory
  • Quickly calms and soothes
  • Made from 100% natural Bamboo Cellulose
  • Reduces blemish size and inflammation
  • Works in just 20 minutes

Give skin a dose of calm with the Leegeehaam Tea Tree Soothing Mask.

Designed to provide immediate relief to irritated skin, this sheet mask soothes and nourishes, working swiftly and deeply within the lower layers to reduce inflammation. Added hydrating agents heal and protect the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow while antiseptic Tea Tree Extract targets impurities and blemishes, to restore balance within minutes. Made from hypoallergenic and 100% natural Bamboo Cellulose, each sheet mask is drenched in a highly concentrated blend of ingredients for maximum benefits and has been designed to suit all face shapes.

Suitable for all skin types, place over the face after cleansing and leave for up to 20 minutes before removing. Gently pat any excess serum into the skin and apply moisturiser if required. Can be used as and when required.

Unfold the mask and place over the face after cleansing. Leave for around 10-20 minutes before removing. Pat in any excess serum and follow with a moisturiser if required. Can be used as and when required.

Patch Test

If you are new to this product or any of its ingredients, we recommend completing a patch test first.

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