Skincity Essentials The Perfect Blender

The Perfect Blender, professionally applies and blends make-up.

  • Purple - We Love
  • Perfect tool for applying make-up
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Can be used with powders, creams and liquids
  • Delivers a flawless, professional finish

Apply make-up like a professional with The Perfect Blender from Skincity Essentials.

This teardrop shaped blending sponge is the perfect tool to apply make-up flawlessly to the skin. Its soft and bouncy texture means powders, creams and liquids blend beautifully, delivering a natural yet perfected finish while ensuring minimal product is wasted. The stylish black design is easy to use and clean, plus the shape makes it ideal for use on larger and more intricate areas of the face, such as around the nose and under the eyes.

Suitable for all skin types, rinse the blender in water and squeeze out the excess. The sponge will then expand and increase in size. Use it to pat and bounce make-up onto the skin.

Rinse under water and squeeze out any excess. The blender will then increase in size and become more pliable. Use it to bounce and pat make-up (such as foundation and concealer) into the skin. Clean regularly with water and a gentle soap.

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