Skincity Essentials Foot File Start Kit

Foot File Start Kit, makes maintaining soft feet simple and easy.

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Treat feet to a professional at-home pedicure with the Foot File Start Kit from Skincity Essentials.

Each kit includes the stylish stainless steel Foot File Handle along with ten replacement file strips – five rough and five fine for varying levels of exfoliation. Quick and easy to use, this high quality foot file effectively removes dry, rough and hard skin on the feet with minimal effort, making it a great addition to any existing body care routine.

Suitable for all skin types, buff and file rough patches of skin on the feet once a week for best results.

Peel away the protective film from the file strip and press the pre-glued side onto one side of the Foot File Handle. On dry skin, buff and file thick, rough patches of skin working in towards the centre of the foot. For best results, use once a week.

To clean the foot file, rinse in water and pat dry. Do not immerse or leave the foot file in water.

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