Cosmedix Opti Crystal Eye Serum - 7ml

Opti Crystal Eye Serum - 7ml, brightens, smoothes and perfects the eye area.

  • Purple - Treats Dark Circles
  • Innovative anti-aging formula
  • Illuminates the under-eye area
  • Contains liquid crystals
  • Plumps and smoothes the skin

The Opti Crystal Eye Serum from Cosmedix is like no other anti-aging eye treatment out there.

Formulated with 96% Liquid Crystals, it effectively nourishes and strengthens the delicate skin around the eyes while reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. Antioxidant ingredient Spin Trap pairs with Alpha Lipoic Acid to fight off free radicals while Coconut Extract and Copper Complex infuse the skin with amino acids to create a smoother, line-free eye area.

Suitable for all skin types, squeeze a small amount onto a clean ring finger and wait for a few moments for the serum to expand in size before patting it into cleansed skin around the eyes. Can be used once or twice a day for best results.

Squeeze a tiny amount onto your ring finger, wait a few moments for the serum to expand then pat into clean skin around the eyes once or twice a day.

Patch Test

If you are new to this product or any of its ingredients, we recommend completing a patch test first.

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