ZENii Radiance Roller

Radiance Roller, rejuvenates and improves the condition of the skin.

  • Purple - Boosts Collagen
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  • At-home micro-needling device
  • Contains 540 surgical steel micro-needles
  • Improves the penetration of serums
  • Tackles dullness, scarring and ageing

The new ZENii Radiance Roller is a powerful at-home rejuvenation tool designed to improve the appearance and condition of the skin.

This high calibre micro-needling device uses 0.3mm micro-needles made of the finest surgical steel to safely create tiny micro-channels within the surface of the skin, to stimulate collagen production and increase the penetration of topical skin care. Designed to give results comparable to in-clinic procedures, this device also helps to speed up cell turnover and stimulate circulation to the surface of the skin. Ideal for those struggling with scarring, dullness, fine lines and sun damage, this new treatment can be used alongside most anti-aging, antioxidant and corrective serums for maximum results.

Suitable for most skin types, use the roller up to three times a week in the evening for best results. After cleansing and toning the skin, pull it taut and gently roll the roller over the face and neck in all directions. Apply a serum before or after using the roller and always clean the device after use with a sterilising solution.

Make sure the skin is cleansed, toned and dry before use. Hold the skin taut with one hand and gently roll the roller over the face and neck (avoiding the eyelids), rolling over each area of the face between four and six times (in horizontal, diagonal and vertical directions).

For best results, use up to three times a week in the evening. You can apply lightweight serums before and after using the roller, but avoid heavy creams and make-up for at least eight hours if you are prone to acne.

Thoroughly clean your Radiance Roller after each use with the ZENii Sanitising Solution. Soak the Roller head for 15 minutes after each use. Do NOT soak in boiling water as this can damage the needles. Once dry, return to packaging.

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