CHADO Pinceau Brosse No4

Pinceau Brosse No4, styles the eyebrows and lashes in seconds.

Pinceau Brosse No4
  • Designed for the lashes and brows
  • Combs through clumps
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Soft and non-scratchy

The CHADO Pinceau Brosse No4 brow and lash brush is a must-have tool in any make-up kit.

The synthetic spoolie effortlessly combs through unruly brow hairs and expertly separates eyelashes, so make-up applies easier and looks more natural. This useful beauty tool can also be used to soften a heavy eyebrow after applying powder and to remove clumps after applying mascara.

Suitable for all skin and hair types, gently comb this brush through the eyebrows and eyelashes before and/or after applying make-up.

Use the brush to comb through eyebrows and eyelashes before and after applying make-up.

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