CHADO Gloss Exquis Lacquer - 5.5ml

Gloss Exquis Lacquer - 5.5ml, adds a mirror-like shine to the lips.

Gloss Exquis Lacquer - 5.5ml
Our Price: £22.50
  • Non-sticky lip gloss
  • Adds a mirror-like shine
  • Can be used over any lipstick
  • Feels smooth and comfortable

Enhance the size and volume of the lips with CHADO’s Gloss Exquis Lacquer, a clear non-greasy lip gloss.

This creamy and smooth formula glides onto the lips, without feeling sticky or dehydrating, to provide a mirror-like finish that visually volumises thinning lips. The subtle white grape scent makes it a joy to apply and wear, plus the universally flattering shade can be used over the top of any lipstick for a more glamourous look.

Suitable for all skin types, apply to bare lips or on top of lipstick using the applicator wand.

Apply onto bare lips or on top of lipstick as and when required.

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