PCA Skin Blemish Control Bar - 90g

Blemish Control Bar - 90g, purifies and cleanses problematic skin.

  • Purple - Contains Salicylic Acid
  • Purple - Prevents Breakouts
  • Solid cleansing bar
  • Can be used on the face and body
  • Treats blemishes and blackheads
  • Contains a high concentration of actives

Effectively tackle breakouts over large areas of the skin with the PCA Skin Blemish Control Bar.

This solid cleanser is infused with a high concentration of BHAs and plant oils to clear congested pores, shrink active blemishes, reduce surface oils and remove acne-causing bacteria. Created for use on the face and body, this intensive treatment has been packaged in a jar to prevent cross-contamination, making it safe to take to the gym, for travelling and to store in the shower.

Suitable for oily, blemish-prone and congested skin types, moisten the included sponge with water and rub into the bar before massaging into the skin to form a lather. Leave for a few minutes before rinsing. Can be used daily.

Moisten the enclosed sponge and rub over the bar to create a lather and massage into the skin. Leave for around two minutes before rinsing with warm water. Can be used on the face and body. To start with, use only once a day and, if skin can't tolerate it, increase to twice a day. Always follow with a moisturiser.

Please Note: due to the concentration of actives, the skin can become very dry when using this product. If this persists, reduce the number of applications until skin normalises.

Always store the sponge applicators outside of the container.

Patch Test

If you are new to this product or any of its ingredients, we recommend completing a patch test first.

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