Wrinkles Schminkles Eye Smoothing Kit

Eye Smoothing Kit, reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Eye Smoothing Kit
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Eye Smoothing Kit
Eye Smoothing Kit
  • Purple - Targets Fine Lines
Our Price: £18.00
  • Targets crow's feet
  • Can be used up to 10 times
  • Includes six eye pads
  • Hypoallergenic material

Designed to soften the appearance of crow’s feet and deep expression lines, the new Eye Smoothing Kit from Wrinkles Schminkles is an easy fuss-free way to refresh tired skin.

Each kit contains three pairs of eye pads that have been specially shaped for this area of the face. Applied in the evening, these pads promise to smooth wrinkles and create a more youthful-looking eye contour by morning without the use of harsh ingredients or potentially irritating extracts. They can also be reused multiple times and are compact enough for travel.

Suitable for most skin types, place the pads sticky side down onto clean dry skin before bed. Leave on until morning and peel away from the skin. Rinse with water and the Wrinkles Schminkles Cleaning Solution before placing onto the plastic storage sheet provided until next use.

Make sure the skin is clean, dry and free of any product residue. Then, peel the plastic film away from the silicone pads and place onto the skin, sticky side down. For best results, apply at night before bed. In the morning, peel away from the skin, clean with water and place back onto the plastic sheet provided.

Each silicone pad should provide around 10 uses. To get the most out of each pad, clean the sticky side with water and the Wrinkles Schminkles Cleaning Solution after every use and leave to dry before using again.

Patch Test

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