OSKIA Renaissance 360 - 40ml

Renaissance 360 - 40ml, multi-function day cream.

  • Purple - SPF
  • Lightweight Texture
  • Purple - Perfect For Mature Skin
  • Multi-function day cream
  • Hydrates, firms and brightens
  • Provides low level UV protection with SPF8
  • Helps fade dark spots and discolouration

Designed to offer the skin multiple benefits, the OSKIA Renaissance 360 is a powerful day cream that effectively combats the ageing process.

This multi-tasking day cream combines Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Sunflower Seed Oil to keep the skin hydrated and smooth while Nanobright, OSKIA’s own encapsulated liposome, paired with natural Arbutin and Glutathione inhibit the production of melanin. Over time, the skin becomes more even in tone, more radiant, firmer and better equipped to face the daily onslaught of free radicals and environmental stressors.

Suitable for all skin types, massage into clean skin every morning for best results.

Massage into clean skin every morning for best results.

Patch Test

If you are new to this product or any of its ingredients, we recommend completing a patch test first.

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