Susan Posnick COLORFLO REFILL - 4g

COLORFLO REFILL - 4g, mineral powder dispensing brush refil.

Choose a Colour:
M1: Porcelain
M2: Fair - Slightly Yellow Base
M3: Light Neutral
M4: Light Beige
M5: Apricot
M6: Medium - Slightly Pink Base
M7: Medium Beige
M8: Golden Beige
M9: Caramel
M10: Nutmeg
M11: Toffee
M12: Chestnut
Our Price: £20.00
  • Mineral powder foundation
  • Refill for COLORFLO foundation
  • Prolongs the life of COLORFLO brush
  • Easy to use

Never be without your Susan Posnick COLORFLO mineral foundation with this handy refill, designed to prolong the life of your COLORFLO brush.

The COLORFLO mineral foundation offers perfect coverage for the skin, covering blemishes and redness while minimising the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines. Enriched with Vitamins A and E, this formula is both sweat-proof and water resistant. It offers SPF26 and lasts all day on the skin.

To replace the cartridge:
Turn the bottom of the container all the way to the LEFT to unscrew the old cartridge. Remove this and attach the new refill by turning the cartridge all the way to the RIGHT to the LOCK position.

:Coverage can be adjusted to suit your needs. For light coverage, apply a light sweep; for more coverage, use the brush in a circular motion.

To increase the precision of coverage, slide the clear plastic sleeve towards hairs to make a smaller brush.

To cover blemishes, use with a concealer brush.

Before refilling brush, wash it thoroughly.

Patch Test

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