Susan Posnick Sharpener

Sharpener, perfect for the Susan Posnick COLORCORRECT.

  • Purple - We Love
  • Fits the Susan Posnick COLORCORRECT
  • Multi-size sharpener
  • Easy to use and mess-free
  • Works with COLODUO lip pencil

Maintain the quality and usability of any lip, eye or concealer pencil with the Susan Posnick Sharpener.

The small, compact shape is easy to store and perfect for travelling plus the removable cap prevents shavings from leaking, making sharpening any make-up essentials simple and mess-free. The dual-size sharpener makes it compatible with a wide range of products but is specifically designed for use with the Susan Posnick COLORCORRECT and COLORDUO pencils plus it also comes with a small pick to keep the blade clean.

To sharpen a blunt pencil, insert the end into the appropriate size sharpener and gently rotate until the pencil becomes sharp again.

Insert blunt concealer or lip pencil into the appropriate size sharpener and gently rotate until pencil becomes sharp again.

To clean, remove cap and empty contents into a bin before using the small pick provided to clean the internal blade.

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