Pharmaclinix Lightenex Bright - 50ml

Lightenex Bright - 50ml, controls melanin production.

Lightenex Bright - 50ml
Our Price: £11.50
  • Hyperpigmentation treatment
  • Controls Melanin production
  • Provides SPF15 sun protection
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Effectively tackle superficial hyperpigmentation and prevent new dark spots forming with the PharmaClinix Lightenex Bright cream.

Formulated with skin brightening Liqourice Extract alongside powerful melanin inhibitors, this topical cream corrects and also prevents dark spots and uneven pigmentation. It can also be used as a maintenance cream to ensure the skin remains clear and radiant.

Suitable for all skin types, apply to problematic areas twice a day after cleansing. Follow with an SPF for best results.

For best results, wash and lightly exfoliate the area to be treated before massaging in the cream until fully absorbed. After ten minutes, follow with a sunscreen (in the morning only). Can be used twice a day.

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