Heliocare Ultra Capsules - 30 caps

Ultra Capsules - 30 caps, sun protection capsules.

  • Purple - Contains Vitamin E
  • As Seen In - The Telegraph
  • Increases skin's natural UV and DNA protection
  • Prevents redness and heat rash
  • To be paired with a topical sunscreen
  • Take once or twice a day

Boost the skin’s natural UV defences from the inside with the Heliocare Ultra Capsules.

This daily supplement contains a high level of innovative ingredient Fernblock™ (an extract sourced from a fern with the ability to protect itself against the sun’s rays) to protect the delicate DNA within the cells that can easily become damaged by UV rays. Added antioxidants including Vitamins C and E support skin’s underlying architecture and limit free radical damage to minimise the chance of sun spots and fine lines developing. Extra protection for the eyes is provided by botanically-derived Lutein while Licopene helps keep the skin calm and free from sun-induced inflammation, making this supplement ideal for sensitive skins, those who spend a lot of time outdoors and during beach or skiing holidays.

Suitable for all skin types, take one capsule a day every morning before sun exposure. During periods of prolonged sun exposure, take a second capsule around 4-6 hours later.

Take one capsule in the morning with breakfast (ideally before sun exposure). During periods of prolonged sun exposure, such as on holiday, take a second capsule around 4-6 hours later for continued protection.

Always use alongside a topical sunscreen for best results.

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