Mene & Moy®

Active Rejuvenating Formulas

The Mene & Moy range of active skin care products contain a blend of naturally occurring compounds which have been formulated to penetrate the outer skin to serve the underlying layers.

Mene & Moy products are perfect for customers who recognise the importance of taking a medical approach to the rejuvenation of body and skin.

Abnormal pigmentation is becoming more prevalent across all age groups and ethnicities, and the need for skincare products that can address pigmentation issues has never been greater, this is where Mene and Moy can help.

Originally developed by leading American dermatologist Laurence Moy and Brazilian cosmetic surgeon Romulo Mene; Mene and Moy is a dynamic range of cosmeceutical skincare products that offer a genuine alternative to surgery. When used on a regular basis Mene and Moy can help to fight the effects of UV radiation, pollution and premature ageing.

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