Modern devices for customisable skin care

Since 2013, Swedish-based beauty and wellness brand FOREO have strived to create innovative, sonic-based devices that transform daily skincare and self care routines. While their focus is bringing technology and innovation to the forefront of each product, it is their heritage in Swedish design that showcases their ability to effortlessly combine function with beauty.

Founder, Filip Sedic, was originally trained as an engineer so it's in his intellectual DNA to be hands-on in the design process of each perfectly manufactured FOREO product. The brand's simple yet striking aesthetic is based on function and form while providing optimal results and ultimately, encouraging self-confidence.

The first time you use a FOREO product, it’s impossible not to notice the attention to detail put into each device’s ergonomics, ease of use, performance and material selection. They strive to take aesthetics beyond pleasing the eye and believe that it should trigger intrigue and curiosity to start a conversation.

This ground-breaking brand offers devices that will enhance any contemporary skincare routine. Their LUNA device works to deliver any cleansing formula deep within the skin, providing a thorough and gentle cleanse. When the device is used as part of a daily cleansing routine, it uses two modes, synced to your phone via Bluetooth, to create truly customisable skincare. T-Sonic pulsations provide a much deeper clean than washing by hand. Plus, a variety of massages on the app help to diminish signs of ageing and puffiness.

The BEAR device offers a variety of microcurrent facial workouts which can be used on the skin to boost collagen production, repair elastin and tighten slackness thanks to electric currents that mimic the body’s own natural processes. They also offer products and formulas that fit into any routine to tackle concerns such as acne, rosacea and dehydration in no time.