Joanna Vargas

Purify To Simplify

Originally created to help her clients maintain their glow between treatments, Joanna Vargas skincare is dedicated to delivering spa-worthy results at home.

After opening her salon in 2006, Joanna decided to launch her own line of products in 2011, with a focus on making it easy for customers to build an effective and consistent routine. She wanted to create a range that was cutting edge, results-driven and packed with natural, skin-loving ingredients while also being free of parabens and toxins.

Joanna’s medical background combined with her skillful artistry, techniques and constant desire to find the best clean ingredients has resulted in a range of profound formulas which provide lasting, real-world results. She understands that the skin is always changing due to internal and external factors such as ageing, dietary choices and the environment, so each product is designed to respond appropriately to the skin’s needs, no matter how much they vary throughout the year.

With the formula mantra ‘Purify to Simplify’, Joanna Vargas products are naturally potent and breathe life and vitality to imbalanced and ageing skin. Joanna believes that purification is the most important part of caring for the skin and this goes beyond the surface - it is detoxifying those harmful chemicals that penetrate the skin which can trigger inflammation and unwanted skin issues such as breakouts and discolouration. Each skin remedy, from her bars to her face masks, is carefully designed to target the source of any underlying inflammation before strengthening cellular communication and boosting the skin’s protective barrier, all while improving the overall appearance of your complexion.

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