Essential Oils Skincare

Trusted by the world’s best beauty professionals, Decléor’s pure and potent formulas can deliver results for every skin type.

Essentials oils sourced from plants form the basis of the entire Decléor range, each of which has been carefully selected and masterfully blended to create the ultimate skin-perfecting products to tackle conditions such as premature ageing, environmental damage and inflammation. Each of their essential oils is sourced from the finest regions around the world, and harvested in a controlled way to ensure purity and true botanical composition. They are also committed as a brand to promoting a sustainable and renewable way of sourcing these plants and their essential oils, so that their benefits can be enjoyed safely for years to come, without harming the planet.

All Decléor’s products contain a wealth of ingredients, each with a minimum of 95% natural origin, with the Aromessence Essential Oil-Serums being up to 100% natural. These botanical-sourced ingredients work to not only nourish, balance and clarify the skin, but to soothe and revitalise the mind so that you can enjoy a complete boost in wellbeing with every application. As they recommend, take the time to massage your favourite product between the palms to active its natural scent and breathe in the natural aroma before applying to the skin.

From indulgent face creams to sweet-smelling sunscreens and barrier-supporting balms, every skin need is covered and, thanks to regular checks, each skin type is able to use Decléor’s essential oil-based products, even those with very sensitive or reactive complexions.