Make-up-infused skin care

Created by a team of skin therapists, MAKETHEMAKE beauty products are best described as ‘make-up-infused skin care’.

Designed to enhance and care for all skin types while adding coverage to the skin, their make-up products are designed to feel and look as natural as possible. Each product is infused with expert skin-loving ingredients and actives, to improve the condition and appearance of the skin with each and every wear. Key ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Vitamin E and Peptides, each of which can be found in their range of everyday essentials such as their concealers, foundations and bronzing powders.

Alongside their impressive skin care/make-up hybrids are the much-loved MAKETHEMAKE brushes. These high quality make-up tools are made of Taklon bristles, a synthetic vegan fibre that feels ultra-soft and smooth on the skin, which give the user even better results than natural hair bristle brushes. Their stylish and sleek black and white design makes them instantly recognisable while their specialist shape make it easy for everyone – from the make-up professional to the novice – to apply make-up flawlessly and quickly. To keep these expert brushes clean and safe to use, they also have their own collection of brush cleansers and tools, to not only prevent irritation but to keep the bristles usable from as long as possible.

When used together, the MAKETHEMAKE skin-loving make-up products and brushes create a perfected, youthful and naturally-flawless finish every time. Whatever your skin type, age or undertone, don’t let bad make-up ruin a good skin care routine. Get MAKETHEMAKE.