Tata Harper

Pioneer in luxury natural skin care

After trying and failing to find skin care products that were 100% natural and impeccably formulated, Tata Harper decided to create her own.

Founded on her and her husband’s farm in Vermont in 2010, every single product in the Tata Harper range has been crafted for women just like Tata, who refuse to risk their health for the sake of beauty. Using the highest concentration of natural ingredients available, the Tata Harper range is completely free of toxic ingredients and known irritants such as artificial fragrances, chemicals and fillers. In fact, you can even check how many high-performing natural ingredients are included in each formula by looking at the outer packaging of each product, which is also made of recycled materials (where possible). The majority of their products are packaged using glass that is easily recyclable and the little plastic that is used is made to be as eco-friendly as possible.

From farm to face, Tata Harper products are designed, formulated and packaged on Tata’s organic farm in the US. When it comes to formulation, their products are jam-packed full. They source more 300 different ingredients from over 68 countries to ensure only the best natural and organic extracts are used. To ensure maximum efficacy, products are produced in small quantities and use only natural preservatives to keep them fresh. And if a product isn’t perfect, Tata won’t release it.

So if you are looking for a skin care range that is effective, but non-toxic, conscious about the planet, effective and beautifully packaged, look no further than Tata Harper.