Biodroga MD

Maximum results, minimum effort

Using their own in-house research team, Bioddroga MD are committed to finding the permanent solution to problematic skin conditions.

Their impressive team combines the best and most innovative minds in dermatology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnological and cosmetic surgery, with well-known Swiss physician Dr Werner Tschollar, to develop a range that truly works to treat everything from acne to ageing.

They specialise in solution-orientated concepts for every type of skin concern to formulate the best topical products on the market. Key ingredients in the range include Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Derma Membrane Complex, BioEcolia and EGF, each chosen for its impressive ability to transform the condition of the skin. Well-known for their daily essentials, Biodroga MD also have an impressive selection of fast-acting formulas that deliver noticeable results in minutes. From lifting sheet masks to brightening gels, they are the go-to for a quick fix when skin just won’t behave.

The majority of their range if also free from fragrance, choosing to use natural essences instead, as well as avoiding mineral oil and parabens in their products as much as possible.