All-in-one skin care

Many skin care brands recommend using multiple steps to achieve your complexion goals, but Hyggee are different.

They believe that using too many products can be detrimental for the skin, as multiple layers can clog up the pores and prevent active ingredients from being absorbed effectively. As an antidote to the excessive steps employed by some brands, Hyggee’s all-on-one approach was born.

Inspired by the Danish word for happiness, Hyggee’s small and concise range of multi-functional formulas focuses on improving and maintaining skin health through an easy-to-follow daily routine of minimal steps. By striving for more from less, they believe skin will become brighter, clearer and more manageable.

All good skin care routines start with a cleanser and all Hyggee’s cleansing products are pH-balanced at 5.5 and contain natural ingredients to mildly purify the skin. After cleansing, one of Hyggee’s multi-use creams or essences is all you need to care for the skin, with many of their formulas acting as a toner, serum and essence in one expert formula. Once your daily routine is nailed, Hyggee believe in the power of using the right face mask whenever skin needs an extra boost, either after a stressful time or before an important even like a party. That’s why their sheet masks are so popular, as they contain plumping and skin barrier-supporting ingredients that revitalise the skin in as little as 20 minutes.

Using key ingredients such as Birch Sap Extract, sourced from the forests of Finland, and Probiotics, Hyggee’s range of impressive formulas work to deliver noticeable results quickly and with minimal effort. Try the less is more approach today.