Make P:rem

Making skin care easy

Fusing the best Korean formulations with the sleekest Scandinavian design, Make P:rem make caring for the skin simple and stylish.

Make P:rem stands for Making a Pragmatic Remedy. They believe that skin care doesn’t have to be complicated and your routine doesn’t have to contain a million different steps; all you need are a few key products to maintain optimum skin health.

Their focus on practical beauty provides skin with the optimal level of ingredients and actives, while also ensuring minimal waste. That means easy-to-use containers so you can reach every last drop of product, packaging that isn’t excessive in size, and multi-functional formulas that condense your daily routine, so you never feel like you are wasting time during your busy day.

The key ingredients that make Make P:rem so special are their Micro Trans Moisture technology and Nordic berries. The Micro Trans Moisture technology ensures the maximum absorption of moisturising ingredients by the skin. By using an effective delivery system, hydrating agents can reach deeper into the skin than ever before, giving skin a smooth and plump look at the surface after just a couple of applications. Their other key ingredient is a wild berry sourced from Finland known as Rubus Arcticus or Arctic Raspberry. This specialist botanical extract can be found in all Make P:rem skin care products and contains a high concentration of natural Vitamin C, as well as Omegas 3 and 6, and other essential antioxidants.

Good ingredients, honest effects and reasonable prices, that’s the Make P:rem way.