Paula's Choice

Beauty begins with truth

After discovering that many of the products she had been using to calm and heal her acne and eczema-prone skin were laden with harmful irritants, Paula Begoun decided to take matters into her own hands.

After becoming a best-selling author and well-known authority on all things skin care, Paula founded Paula’s Choice Skincare in 1995, starting with just ten essential products. Now, her eponymous range has over 150 different formulas, each packed with a blend of key skin-transforming ingredients including antioxidants, Ceramides and acids, to help combat everything from acne and ageing to sensitivity and dehydration.

Some of Paula’s original game-changing formulas still remain as part of her range today. Her cult classic (and best-selling) product is the Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid, a concentrated leave-on treatment that gently exfoliates oily and combination skin to help prevent and minimise breakouts, while the popular RESIST (anti-aging) and CLEAR (anti-blemish) lines continue to remain fan favourites.

Paula’s Choice pride themselves on being open and honest about their formulas, and ensure each product is backed by scientific research so that you can feel confident that what you are using on your skin is suitable and safe. They reveal every ingredient used on their packaging, from the main players to the minor and often under-appreciated essentials, along with what each one does and why it has been included, so you will never have a nasty surprise the first time you use one of their products.

Regardless of your skin type or lifestyle, Paula’s Choice have made it their mission to help you achieve the best skin of your life.