Skincare enriched with silk

Inspired by the quest for infinite beauty, SENSAI combines advanced technology with the power of precious ingredient Koishimaru Silk.

Created and developed in Japan, SENSAI is a Japanese word that means ‘fine’ and ‘delicate’, with each product in their vast range carefully formulated to enhance every woman’s individual beauty, whether through luxurious skin care formulas or through exquisite make-up products and tools.

The key ingredient in SENSAI products is Koishimaru Silk, an exceptional fibre that was once reserved for the imperial family. Naturally rich in protein, this unique type of silk found in the mountains of Japan also has the ability to stimulate the production of Hyaluronic Acid within the skin, bathing the cells in an endless and ever-replenishing ocean of moisture – resulting in smoother, plumper and more nourished skin.

To effectively maintain youthful, radiant skin, SENSAI also believe in the art of application. Their perfect skin care routine is inspired by the Saho concept, which is rooted in ancient Japanese tea ceremonies. They believe that sticking to a comprehensive routine, morning and night, will result in the best kind of complexion. Unlike western skin care practices, SENSAI believe in the art of the double: double cleansing, double moisturising and double application for the best results, to help not only rebuild and strengthen the skin, but to improve overall wellbeing. By completing two steps per stage of your routine, SENSAI believe you can take the time to de-stress, focus and truly appreciate where you are in life.

To complement a fresh and healthy complexion, SENSAI have also created a stunning and luxurious range of make-up products, from anti-aging foundations and highly pigmented lipsticks to soft-focus powders and radiant bronzers.