By Wishtrend

Professional Korean Skin Care

Created in 2015, By Wishtrend is a Korean skin care brand that delivers on its promise of helping everyone achieve amazing skin.

Each product in their small yet mighty range was developed in response to their customers’ wants and needs, with By Wishtrend following the motto of ‘you asked, we answered!’ to ensure every product they formulate meets the needs of their valued followers. They first came out with their own version of the much-coveted Vitamin C serum, formulated with an impressive concentration of pure Vitamin C, followed by that Korean skin care staple: the sheet mask.

All of their products are packed with quality ingredients, ranging from popular extracts such as Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, to the more niche and expert such as Centella Asiatica and Mandelic Acid. As they are a Korean brand, they have stayed true to the innovative personality of their country by creating products with exciting new textures, enhancing every user’s skin care experience. Why not try the Green Tea and Enzyme Powder Wash, a powder cleanser that turns into a light foam on contact with water, or the Hours-Long Gauze Sheet Mask, which uses a gauze material to hold onto an incredibly high concentration actives that work on improving your skin long after the mask has been removed.

Aside from their impressive formulations, By Wishtrend also pride themselves on their packaging. Simple yet eye-catching, colourful yet classic, their range will look beautiful in any bathroom cabinet and, if you want to Instagram your collection, By Wishtrend’s products are sure to increase your likes! Promising to tackle everything from acne to dullness, By Wishtrend’s range of products easily fit into any existing routine.

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