PRIORI Skincare

Adaptive Skincare

Skin care isn’t one size fits all and nobody knows this better than PRIORI. Every one of us is different, with different skin needs, so PRIORI have created an innovative range of formulas that recognise each person’s individuality and provide the skin with exactly what it needs, when it needs it. This is adaptive skin care.

Using the latest biotechnology to respond to skin chemistry, environment, nutrition, and genetics, PRIORI products essentially decode the skin to provide it with the correct level of hydration, protection, rejuvenation and recovery, to effectively tackle the biggest complexion concerns.

Every PRIORI skincare routine consists of only the best core essentials that the skin truly needs to function properly, both day and night. Their impressive ‘superceutical’ formulas contain ingredients such as Lactic Acid and potent antioxidants – known as their LCA Complex – alongside Retinol, Caffeine and botanical extracts. Natural DNA Repair Enzymes sourced from blue and green algae and Mustard Seed Extract mimic the skin’s own DNA enzymes to repair daily damage and encourage better cell function.

Taking the standard SPF to another level, the PRIORI Tetra fx250 provides four levels of environmental protection, which adapt in real-time to keep the skin safe during the day. Broad spectrum UV filters prevent sun damage, a High Intensity Radiation Complex protects against Infrared damage and blocks 43% of all blue light radiation from smartphones and computers, DNA Enzyme Complex reduces the damage caused by environmental pollutants, and an Antioxidant Complex limits free radical damage. Combined, this is what PRIORI refer to as a GPF – Genetic Protection Factor – a product to keep the skin safe indoors and outdoors.

Discover PRIORI’s adaptive formulas and treat your skin like the individual it is and achieve your ideal complexion.