Brush On Block

Mineral Powder Sunscreen

If you think applying and reapplying sunscreen is a messy and time-consuming practice, meet Brush on Block. This innovative mineral powder sunscreen completely changed the game back in 2011, flipping all sunscreen stereotypes on their head.

Most sunscreens tend to be either thick and chalky or runny and difficult to apply quickly. After struggling to easily protect her and her family’s skin from damage, Andrea Wetsel decided to find an alternative. After a chance meeting with cosmetics founder, make-up artist and skin cancer survivor Susan Posnick, they decided to create an alternative - a revolutionary mineral powder sunscreen that could easily be brushed onto the skin for immediate and long-wearing protection.

Made up of botanical antioxidants and Silica, alongside key physical UV filters Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, Brush On Block SPF30 was born. To make applying sun protection even more convenient, this protective powder is housed within a self-dispensing applicator brush that is easy to store and carry with you at all times, whether you’re heading to work or heading to the beach. Thanks to the mineral formula, it won’t block the pores or aggravate sensitive skins, so it can be used on all ages, and on the face and body. It is also sweat-resistant, water-resistant, mattifies shine and can be used on top of make-up without interfering with whatever base product is underneath.

Truly a game-changing product in the fight against sun damage and UV-induced ageing, Brush On Block SPF30 is a must-have step in everyone’s daily routine.

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